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Fireplaces, Gas Logs, Wood and Pellet Stoves

Bradbury's experienced staff guides you through the fireplace selection process, so that you and your family get the perfect appliance for your specific application. Bradbury's Waterin' Hole chose top manufacturers like Heat-N-Glo, Quadra-FireHargrove, Napoleon, and Empire to assure top quality and superior service for each and every one of our customers.

Bradbury's Waterin' Hole offers 18 burning displays in our showroom so that you can see and feel the advantages of quality. We offer fire applications for natural gas, propane, electric (Dimplex), wood, and pellet fuels. Which unit best fits your application?

  • Wood Burning Fireplaces can burn real wood or gas logs. This application has been very popular with our new home builders or can be retrofitted in almost any setting.
  • EPA Certified Wood Burning Fireplaces, like the Quadrafire 7100, reach heating efficiencies in excess of 75%!  These units are intended to deliver maximum heat from your wood fuel.  These fireplaces are best used in new construction, as well as remodels. 
  • Vented Gas Logs can be installed in almost any wood-burning firebox with an operational flue. Vented gas logs maintain the aesthetics of real wood fires without the hassle or mess. Efficiency is comparable to a real wood fire and can be fueled with either natural gas or propane gas.
  • Vent-Free Gas Logs do not require an operational flue or chimney. Vent free gas logs burn 99.9% efficient, which makes them the most efficient heating appliance available. If you do not already have a fireplace in your home, a vent free fireplace may be an economical option.
  • Direct Vent Fireplaces are a sealed glass fireplace. Becoming increasingly popular in new homes, direct vent fireplaces draw outside air for combustion and exhaust outside too. Gain efficient heat, a beautiful flame, and various surround options without changing the air quality in your home.
  • Electric Fireplaces from Bradbury's Waterin' Hole brings safe and easy heat and ambiance to any room in your house, even in the summer.

At Bradbury's Waterin' Hole, we are here to help you choose the best application for your home. Our factory-trained technicians offer installation and service exclusively on our products. We believe in continual education and training in order to provide you with cutting edge technology and service.

From the beginning of your vision to the completion of your dreams, we invite you to select Bradbury's Waterin' Hole as your fireplace headquarters!

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Fireplace Safety tips

hpba resized 144The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association has created a list of smart fireplace safety tips.  Check these out here if you have little ones!


Experience the world's first digitally controlled woodstove!!!  The Efel S33 can adjust it's air intake to maintain a set temperature.  It's an honest-to-goodness remote controlled stove!  See how it works here!efel logo resized 144

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