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tru tile gale


Above is a pool featuring Tru-Tile; and right about now you might be wondering just what is Tru-Tile.  Tru-Tile is a product that can be used at the waterline for vinyl liner inground pools.  Many people choose to use Tru-Tile instead of the fake tile that is already printed on the vinyl liners.  Tru-Tile has two major benefits.  The first being the most obvious it looks nicer.  The fact is that while vinyl manufacturers have come a long way in make their waterlines look realistic, they aren’t real tile.  Tru-Tile on the other hand is just that true/real tile that is used with vinyl liners.   Since you are using real tile, your choices of patterns increase considerably.  While looks of the pool are very important, they are not everything.  The second, and less noticeable benefit, is that Tru-Tile allows the entire vinyl liner to be below the waterline.  Usually the area of the liner that is above the waterline is the first to deteriorate on standard vinyl liners.  Therefore, by placing the entire liner under the waterline, in theory, it will extend the life of the liner.  Currently it is just a theory, since Tru-Tile has not been utilized long enough to prove these claims.  So if you are installing a new pool or looking for a way to jazz up your existing pool; and would like to have beauty of real tile along with increasing the life of your liner then Tru-Tile may be just the thing you need.


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